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The CRAFT Institute is a non-profit organization focused on overhauling formal training in theatre and performance, film and television and related media platforms.  Our mission is to help individuals and institutions throughout the entire ecosystem identify and eradicate exclusionary practices by incorporating a broader range of cultural worldviews and experiences that reflect local, national and global demographics.  As a clearinghouse of resources for equity, diversity and inclusion in training, creative and business practices we provide a range of services and events.

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The 2018 International Black Theatre Summit: In Collaboration with Dartmouth College

‘Breaking New Ground Where We Stand’ is a reconvening and commemoration of August Wilson’s legendary Black Theatre Summit ‘On Golden Pond’, which took place at Dartmouth in 1998 during the famous playwright’s residency as a Montgomery Fellow, visiting artist, and guest lecturer for the College. Twenty years down the road, the Summit will capitalize on new links between theatre, film, television, and related media platforms.

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